Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Be An Entrepreneur - Be Your Own Boss!

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice

Over the last decade, India has seen a rapid rise in Women Entrepreneurship. Financial independence, along with flexible timings and social networking are the three strong grounds why most women choose to be entrepreneurs rather than employees.

However this very urge of being an entrepreneur is spoiled many a times due to lack of funds which are required for a start up. Another reason could be lack of space for an office or affording the rent for a commercial space.

Women often look out for entrepreneur ventures which can offer financial independence, flexible timings and social networking however require minimal investment and a virtual office set up. If you are also looking for such a platform then Sahara Q Saathi is an ideal opportunity for you to start your own social network and pave your way to financial independence.

With Sahara Q Saathi you easily create the work-life balance and become your own boss. So why wait when wait in these times is outdated. With the New Year just brimming a few hours ahead, start your new life as a Q Saathi and welcome a personal growth!

For more details about Q Saathi call our customer care 011-66166666 or Type "QSAATHI" Space {NAME} Space { EMAIL ID} and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to qsaathi@saharaqshop.com or logon to www.saharaqshop.com/qsaathi

Friday, 27 December 2013

What It Takes To Be Sahara Q Saathi?

For being a Sahara Q Saathi there is just one investment required from your side. The investment of passion in bringing change to your life and to the lives of the ones that you care about. Yes, that’s the only requisite from your side. Rest everything is taken care by Sahara Team.

The process to become a Sahara Q Saathi is simple and transparent. The following the below steps you start your innings as an entrepreneur!

Knowwhat Quality means?
We will educate you about the Sahara Q Shop value proposition and its initiative “Fight against Adulteration”. You will be introduced to the multi level quality checks that Sahara Q Shop products go through at various levels of production, storage, transit, etc and how the complete Quality process works at Sahara Q Shop merchandize.

Get Trained
Sahara Q Shop team will guide you through to the process of end to end order management so that you can place the order effectively and efficiently.

Get Social
You get a chance to influence your complete neighbourhood and extend your social circle further. To begin with you can register 50-100 households to your customer base and begin collecting the order from your circle. The order gets delivered within 24hours to the customer doorstep.

Get Rewarded
You earn your commission as soon as the order is delivered to your customer.
So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the Quality Revolution and be the change!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

How Women Can Become Recession-Proof?

Entrepreneurship is the way to become recession-proof, especially when your venture grows around Fast moving consumer goods or commonly known as FMCG.  FMCG has been one segment of India Inc which has grown at a rapid yet steady rate in the last decade (http://www.business-standard.com/article/pf/fmcg-will-perform-in-bad-times-113110900796_1.html).

Sahara Q Shop’s initiative to empower women via Sahara Q Saathi offers women to become part of the FMCG segment without any initial investment. The steady growth of FMCG segment builds a trust factor that Yes, you can be recession-proof. The Sahara Q Saathi concept empowers women who want to work at their convenience and yet earn to their full potential. The Women who have a good social circle can highly benefit from this concept. Also, apart from the convenience and incentives that follow Sahara Q Saathi, it’s the social engagement and influence that you can cherish while working as a Q Saathi.

In these times, where we read about job cuts almost in every industry, it’s the FMCG segment that has shown growth despite the overall downtrend in the Indian economy. So be a part of India’s fourth largest sector and make your income recession-proof!

For more details, call customer care 011-66166666 or Type "QSAATHI" Space {NAME} Space { EMAIL ID} and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to qsaathi@saharaqshop.com or logon to www.saharaqshop.com/qsaathi

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Feel The True Sense Of Independence The Entrepreneurship Way!

“Entrepreneurship actually implies an independence of spirit. It is this independence that women in India have begun to express over the last two or three decades. That is why the percentage of women among the total number of entrepreneurs in India has been steadily growing,” says Shahnaz Hussain.
Entrepreneurship is offcourse a true sense of independence wherein you are not bound by someone’s instructions, wherein you earn to the best of your potential and wherein you feel empowered as a social influencer.

90% of women in our society develop a comfort zone at their workplace and despite an urge to do something on their own, they don’t come out of that comfort zone. Then there is a league of a few women who want to bring change, who want to brake free in their environment, who want to be an entrepreneur wherein the first few months or years they dedicate themselves to their initiative and reap the benefits of this initial hardwork for many years to come.

Do you get the urge to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to take up a task that can bring change in the society? Do you want to feel the true sense of Independence, the entrepreneurship way? Call us for more details at Sahara Q Saathi initiative customer care 011-66166666 or Type "QSAATHI" Space {NAME} Space { EMAIL ID} and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to qsaathi@saharaqshop.com or logon to www.saharaqshop.com/qsaathi

Friday, 20 December 2013

Don’t Be A Job Seeker, Be A Job Creator For Yourself!

Financial independence for women is critical in today’s world when the food prices, inflation, education, healthcare, every aspect of life is so expensive. Running a family with One salary is not enough to run the family with adequacy. Households with dual income, wherein the Husband and Wife work hand in hand to support the family, provide better education and healthcare to their kids.

In the Indian households, it’s the women who have to take care of the household chores like cooking to teaching their kids, due to which women mostly are not able to take up jobs which have fixed working hours or typical 9to6 scenario. However, that’s not the end of financial independence. With the availability of entrepreneurship options, women today need not be job seekers, rather they can create jobs for themselves by engaging into Women entrepreneurship programs like Sahara Q Saathi which give the leverage to define your own Job hours besides giving the incentives and rewards.

By enrolling in Sahara Q Saathi you not only earn, you also work for a cause to uplift the Indian society from the shackles of Food Adulteration. Women are the first hand buyers of the kitchen food items and groceries, and when they become aware of food adulteration, the entire household can rejoice health in good food. So you have the opportunity to be the Superwoman to introduce change in your social circle.

Be a Sahara Q Saathi – Be an entrepreneur!

For more details of Sahara Q Saathi initiative, call customer care at 011-66166666 or Type SPACESPACE” and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to qsaathi@saharaqshop.com or logon to www.saharaqshop.com/qsaathi