Thursday, 30 January 2014

Empower Yourself with Sahara Q Saathi!

Women empowerment is a term that has become part of our lives. We talk about women empowerment in various contexts viz women safety, gender equality, eliminating domestic violence, right for education and more. One such important aspect is financial independence of women which can be considered as the most essential factor in empowering women. When a woman is financially independent and rather a contributor to the family income, she stands firm and all mayhems resist to exist.

Sahara Q Saathi is an excellent engagement medium for women seeking flexible work opportunities. As a Sahara Q Saathi one can work as an affiliate actively engaged socially. Working with Sahara Q Saathi  gives personal gratification in the form of working with a national cause – “Fight Against Adulteration”. The experience is overwhelming as you become more aware and spread the knowledge in your society about how Adulteration has marred our health and has become a seamless part of the supply food chain. Along with personal gratification, Sahara Q Saathi gives financial freedom too!

You can start with zero investment! Yes no investment at all to become a Sahara QSaathi. All you need to do is to work in your social circle and make your society aware of Food Adulteration in India. Educate and extend your social circle to spread the cause and while doing this, you earn handsome incentive.
Apart from the social and financial benefits, you get the opportunity to improve your skillset too. Being a Sahara Q Saathi, you are trained on order management, quality control, order delivery mechanism etc. which adds to immensely to your skill set.

So, let’s take a step forward towards this entrepreneurial opportunity by Sahara pariwar and contribute to women empowerment and fight against adulteration!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Get Empowered And Contribute Towards Creating A Healthier Neighborhood!

Women empowerment – so you have heard about it! Now you can experience it by becoming a Q Saathi, a ‘women entrepreneurship and empowerment’ initiative started by Sahara Q Shop. Enhance your spiritual, social, political, and economic strength in your capacities. Develop your confidence the Q Saathi way. If you are a working woman or home maker with strong social connect and willingness to help the society, you can become self employed and earn a handsome living. And it can all happen with zero investment!

Sahara Q Shop has been fighting the menace of food adulteration by creating awareness and making available the best quality non-adulterated food for the consumers. Through the Q Saathi program, the organization strives to ensure that every household in the neighborhood uses only unadulterated quality merchandised products. It believes that every Q Saathi can become a 'Torch Bearer' for the people in her social community in the fight against the menace of food adulteration.
How do you empower yourself by becoming a Q Saathi and joining the quality revolution? Register yourself for the entrepreneurship venture at no investment. Once you get registered, you will receive free training on various aspects of quality related to food and on end to end order management process. Enrolling a customer base of 50-100 households from your neighborhood / community and then collecting orders of quality merchandise from each household is part of the process. And then follow delivery of each order at the specified addresses . Once the order is delivered, you earn commission. Imagine the amount you earn with each order delivered in each household every month! You become an entrepreneur at no cost. Your financial empowerment and your contribution towards creating a healthier society by preventing people in your neighborhood from consuming adulterated food is what Q Saathi is all about!

To know more details and steps for how to be Sahara Q Saathi visit the site