Thursday, 28 November 2013

Importance of Economic Independence/Empowerment of Women!

Have you, as a woman, come across developed strategies and availed economic opportunities? Here it is, right at your fingertips. Become a Q Saathi and your dream towards giving shape to your entrepreneurial spirits will come true.

Yes, a woman spends maximum time performing daily chores at home. She is the loving wife, the caring mother, and responsible lady of the home. The working woman takes additional responsibilities for a better survival. Yet, she is often ignored. The housewife is completely dependent on the earning member of the home for money. Today, economic independence of the woman is highly significant. Financial empowerment makes her complete; come any circumstances, financial security comes to her rescue.

Q Saathi is step forward by Sahara Q Shop on Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment at zero investment. Sahara Q Shop has been fighting the menace of adulteration; through this initiative, the organization looks forward towards spreading awareness about the menace and making available unadulterated food for maximum people.

It is either a job or an entrepreneurship venture that can serve the purpose of economic independence. Lack of business conditions, finances, technology, infrastructure, escalating challenges are hindrances to her economic potential. Again maintaining equilibrium between work and family is a must. As a Q Saathi, you gain a competitive advantage of doing away with the myriad problems. You become an entrepreneur at no investment! Q Saathi has been designed for working women and housewives, aged between 30-50, who can earn well as well as maintain a balance between work and family.

Just drop a mail to “" or visit the site or call the Q Saathi customer care no.011-66166666
Or send SMS (typeSPACESPACE) to 9773033040 to get started!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Indian Working Women Workforce! - Some Stats

Do you know Indian working women constitute 24 percent of the workforce? Ironically, compared to the global 20 percent, only 5 percent of them reach the top layer! According to a recent study by Booz & Company, a global management consulting firm, India’s GDP could go up by 27 percent if the workforce strength in India constituted equal number of men and women!

Indian Women Workforce Statistics
•    24 percent of the total workforce constitute women
•    36 percent of Indian women take a break from work
•    91 percent of women who take a break wish to rejoin
•    58 percent are able to rejoin work full time
•    72 percent of women workforce who take a break do not want to go back to their previous employers
•    80 percent of women leave jobs for eldercare, maternity, and child care
•    Maximum women workforce leave jobs when they find their careers stalling
•    25 per cent women constitute the rural workforce.

A woman’s contribution to her family, her society, and to the nation as a whole is highly noteworthy. Unfortunately, the women workforce in India is waning. It is a blend of fears for personal safety, discouragement from within the family, social prejudices, restrictions imposed on their movements, fears for personal safety, discrimination at workplace, child care / elder care responsibilities, and lack of supportive policies that has led to the waning. According to a report published by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), the country’s female workforce fell from 28.7 per cent in 2004-05 to 21.9 per cent in 2011-12.

Sahara Q Shop launched the Q Saathi to empower today’s woman with entrepreneurship at zero investment. Be a Q Saathi and become financially independent! Fill the registration form to be a Q Saathi.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

How Women can create a Work-Life Balance through Q Saathi ?

It requires incredible focus, drive, and commitment to start an entrepreneurial venture. As a woman, you would not only love being a successful entrepreneur but also a loving wife, a good friend, and a caring mother. Thanks to Q Saathi – your empowerment is at no investment! As a Q Saathi, you can easily maintain the equilibrium – your role in the family as well as your role as an entrepreneur.

Q Saathi is an initiative by Sahara Q Shop on ‘Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment’. As a Q Saathi, you engage yourself to ensure that every household in your neighborhood consumes unadulterated and quality food. Besides, you spread awareness about the menace and advocate every household to fight against evil of adulteration. You not only earn in the process but also help in creating a healthier neighborhood, and thus a healthier nation.

Here are few steps how, as a Q Saathi, you can create a work-life balance and find equilibrium:

• Q saathi program can be done at your own pace and time
• With Q saathi set your limitations and comfort levels
• Think for the long term, how you will grow from your entrepreneurship venture
• Focus on what matters to you the most, prioritize tasks and set timelines
• Focus on health and wellness for yourself and your family members; consume unadulterated food
• Be flexible when the need arises
• Get connected to your social circle online; spread awareness about the menace of food adulteration. 

Yes, at times, your family may need more of you and so is your business, needing more of you. It is all about maintaining the equilibrium perfectly to accomplish your life's goals. Become a Q Saathi and feel the difference!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Let's take Empowerment route via Entrepreneurship with Sahara Q Saathi!

She leads a family, she leads the society, and she leads the nation. Yes, a woman is dynamic and full-of-life in the countless roles she plays!

Many a woman (homemaker or working professional) today nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is the lack of finance, of opportunities, and of a challenging business environment that the passion and the quest turn quiescent. Thanks to the Q Saathi initiative started by Sahara Q Shop. The organization creates an environment where women, aged between 30-50 years, who seek financial and social empowerment, can give shape to their entrepreneurial spirit, all at no capital investment!

Sahara Q Shop has launched the Q Saathi for ‘Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment’. The key objective behind the initiative is involving dynamic women to turn the world into a healthier and better place to live in. Sahara Q Shop has been fighting the menace of food adulteration, creating awareness amongst people at large and making available the best quality and pure food – food that is unadulterated.

The everyday foods we consume today are highly adulterated. Adulterants cause adverse health effects. To save the present and future generations from the health hazards of food adulterants, starting at the community and regional level, Sahara Q Shop started the Q Saathi program.

As a Q Saathi, you can earn handsomely and at the same time contribute to the creation of a healthier society. Get empowered at zero investment and be an entrepreneur of status, becoming a Sahara Q Saathi. To jump start your entrepreneurship call our Customer Care# 011-66166666 or drop an Email at “” or visit trhe site

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment!

‘Sahara Q Saathi’ is a step forward by Sahara Q Shop on “Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment”. 'Sahara Q Saathi' is an engagement medium which ensures that every household in the neighborhood uses only unadulterated quality merchandised products and be a part of our motto Fight Against Adulteration. Sahara Q Shop’s endeavor is to make the world understand the menace of adulteration with the help of a ‘Sahara Q Saathi’ who will be a 'Torch Bearer' for the people in his/her social community.

‘Sahara Q Saathi’ can be anyone who believes in our mission and is willing to pursue it with rigor and while doing so, become self employed and earn a handsome living. A Sahara Q Saathi can be a person with strong social connect and willingness to help the society. It can be home makers, Gen Y and male associates, who want to earn handsome income with no investment.

By following these easy steps you can become a Sahara Q Saathi:
  1. Sahara Q Shop will register the Q Saathi
  2. Sahara Q Saathi will be educated about Sahara Q Shop value proposition and our motto “Fight against Adulteration”.
  3. Sahara Q Saathi will be trained on various aspects of quality and Q Shop’s commitment of delivering unadulterated quality merchandise products by carrying out multi-level stringent quality checks on their products.
  4. Sahara Q Saathi will be trained on end to end order management process.
  5. Sahara Q Saathi needs to enroll a customer base of 50-100 households.
  6. Sahara Q Saathi collects the order from her registered customer base and transfers it to Sahara Q Shop.
  7. Sahara Q Shop delivers the order at customer address within 24 hrs.
  8. Sahara Q Saathi earns commission as soon as the order is delivered to the respective customers.
It’s a golden opportunity for Women who want to work with a cause. It’s an opportunity to be a part of Quality Revolution and standing for a National cause “Fight against Adulteration”, Serve the community through social connect and Get Empowered through earning handsome income with no investment.

Alongwith Sahara Q Saathi, even her consumers who would be benefitted by getting the unadulterated and best quality products easily, conveniently and from the known and trusted source. They would also save time and money by getting free Home Delivery and Attractive gift offers.
So what are you waiting for. Just call our customer care no.011-66166666 or Type SPACESPACE” and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to or logon to our website:

Monday, 18 November 2013

Become an Entrepreneur at Zero Investment!

Want to get empowered for your better future and a better society? If you are a home maker or a working woman in the age group of 30-50 years, you can give shape to your pursuit of economic empowerment at zero investment. Become a ‘Sahara Q Saathi’, an initiative by Sahara Q Shop on ‘Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment’.

Yes, you can participate in the economy, driving not only yours but also the society’s growth and prosperity. Sahara Q Shop provides you the correct circumstances. In a tremendous bid to spread awareness amongst people to say ‘No’ to food adulteration and prop up the concept of consuming unadulterated food, thus maintaining good health, Sahara Q Shop has launched this entrepreneurship venture for women.

It is because of a challenging business environment and lack of finance that many a woman mars her entrepreneurial spirit. As a Sahara Q Saathi, you gain a competitive edge on these aspects. No investment on capital! No investments on infrastructure! No facing of regulations! Sahara Q Shop is all poised to arm you and empower you as an entrepreneur.

The objective of Sahara Q Shop is ensuring that every household uses the purest and unadulterated food. A healthy society and a healthy world is what the organization aspires for, and hence its motto – ‘Fight against Adulteration’. Sahara Q Shop wants every Sahara Q Saathi to act as a torch bearer for the people of her social circle and neighborhood.

While pursuing this objective, you, as a Sahara Q Saathi, will earn a handsome living besides helping the society fight against food adulteration. Customers can easily get unadulterated food from trusted sources, right at their home, for free.

Interested participants can call 011-66166666, the Sahara Q Shop customer care number or drop a mail to or send SMS (type <QSAATHI>SPACE<NAME>SPACE<EMAIL ID>) to 9773033040.