Monday, 18 November 2013

Become an Entrepreneur at Zero Investment!

Want to get empowered for your better future and a better society? If you are a home maker or a working woman in the age group of 30-50 years, you can give shape to your pursuit of economic empowerment at zero investment. Become a ‘Sahara Q Saathi’, an initiative by Sahara Q Shop on ‘Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment’.

Yes, you can participate in the economy, driving not only yours but also the society’s growth and prosperity. Sahara Q Shop provides you the correct circumstances. In a tremendous bid to spread awareness amongst people to say ‘No’ to food adulteration and prop up the concept of consuming unadulterated food, thus maintaining good health, Sahara Q Shop has launched this entrepreneurship venture for women.

It is because of a challenging business environment and lack of finance that many a woman mars her entrepreneurial spirit. As a Sahara Q Saathi, you gain a competitive edge on these aspects. No investment on capital! No investments on infrastructure! No facing of regulations! Sahara Q Shop is all poised to arm you and empower you as an entrepreneur.

The objective of Sahara Q Shop is ensuring that every household uses the purest and unadulterated food. A healthy society and a healthy world is what the organization aspires for, and hence its motto – ‘Fight against Adulteration’. Sahara Q Shop wants every Sahara Q Saathi to act as a torch bearer for the people of her social circle and neighborhood.

While pursuing this objective, you, as a Sahara Q Saathi, will earn a handsome living besides helping the society fight against food adulteration. Customers can easily get unadulterated food from trusted sources, right at their home, for free.

Interested participants can call 011-66166666, the Sahara Q Shop customer care number or drop a mail to or send SMS (type <QSAATHI>SPACE<NAME>SPACE<EMAIL ID>) to 9773033040.

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