Thursday, 28 November 2013

Importance of Economic Independence/Empowerment of Women!

Have you, as a woman, come across developed strategies and availed economic opportunities? Here it is, right at your fingertips. Become a Q Saathi and your dream towards giving shape to your entrepreneurial spirits will come true.

Yes, a woman spends maximum time performing daily chores at home. She is the loving wife, the caring mother, and responsible lady of the home. The working woman takes additional responsibilities for a better survival. Yet, she is often ignored. The housewife is completely dependent on the earning member of the home for money. Today, economic independence of the woman is highly significant. Financial empowerment makes her complete; come any circumstances, financial security comes to her rescue.

Q Saathi is step forward by Sahara Q Shop on Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment at zero investment. Sahara Q Shop has been fighting the menace of adulteration; through this initiative, the organization looks forward towards spreading awareness about the menace and making available unadulterated food for maximum people.

It is either a job or an entrepreneurship venture that can serve the purpose of economic independence. Lack of business conditions, finances, technology, infrastructure, escalating challenges are hindrances to her economic potential. Again maintaining equilibrium between work and family is a must. As a Q Saathi, you gain a competitive advantage of doing away with the myriad problems. You become an entrepreneur at no investment! Q Saathi has been designed for working women and housewives, aged between 30-50, who can earn well as well as maintain a balance between work and family.

Just drop a mail to “" or visit the site or call the Q Saathi customer care no.011-66166666
Or send SMS (typeSPACESPACE) to 9773033040 to get started!

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