Tuesday, 26 November 2013

How Women can create a Work-Life Balance through Q Saathi ?

It requires incredible focus, drive, and commitment to start an entrepreneurial venture. As a woman, you would not only love being a successful entrepreneur but also a loving wife, a good friend, and a caring mother. Thanks to Q Saathi – your empowerment is at no investment! As a Q Saathi, you can easily maintain the equilibrium – your role in the family as well as your role as an entrepreneur.

Q Saathi is an initiative by Sahara Q Shop on ‘Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment’. As a Q Saathi, you engage yourself to ensure that every household in your neighborhood consumes unadulterated and quality food. Besides, you spread awareness about the menace and advocate every household to fight against evil of adulteration. You not only earn in the process but also help in creating a healthier neighborhood, and thus a healthier nation.

Here are few steps how, as a Q Saathi, you can create a work-life balance and find equilibrium:

• Q saathi program can be done at your own pace and time
• With Q saathi set your limitations and comfort levels
• Think for the long term, how you will grow from your entrepreneurship venture
• Focus on what matters to you the most, prioritize tasks and set timelines
• Focus on health and wellness for yourself and your family members; consume unadulterated food
• Be flexible when the need arises
• Get connected to your social circle online; spread awareness about the menace of food adulteration. 

Yes, at times, your family may need more of you and so is your business, needing more of you. It is all about maintaining the equilibrium perfectly to accomplish your life's goals. Become a Q Saathi and feel the difference!

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