Thursday, 12 December 2013

Women Entrepreneurship - Key to Social Change for Betterment of Society

It is but a fact that when a woman is empowered, it is not only her family but also the society around that witness betterment. Imagine the positive consequences when a multitude of women in a single neighborhood are empowered, and likewise every neighborhood. Economic growth of the society and the nation as a whole is for sure! Yes, women entrepreneurship is a prominent part of the economic makeup of any local neighborhood, of the society, and of the nation. Creation of new ventures and opportunities facilitating business ownership, especially fostering women as entrepreneurs, is the drive started by Sahara Q Shop under the Q Saathi initiative. Womenbecome entrepreneurs at zero investment as Q Saathis.

Yes, women entrepreneurship is the key to social change and betterment of society. When women are empowered, they

  •          Enjoy financial security
  •          Gain confidence in all aspects
  •          Build businesses effectively in their social networks
  •          Benefit their local neighborhoods and communities, and thus, the nation
  •          Inspire and serve as exemplars to the next generation of women
  •          Spread awareness regionally against any menace, such as food adulteration
  •          Demonstrate leadership and innovation
  •          Communicate effectively in a multi-cultural setting
  •          Become torch bearers of change for the better.

Empowering women as Q Saathis, Sahara Q Shop strives towards creating a better and healthier society. Here, the scope of social change and betterment of society relates to women’s financial empowerment at the same time spreading awareness amongst people at large about the menace of adulteration. It is fighting and wiping away the menace by facilitating people consume only the purest and best quality food, making available unadulterated food at their doorsteps.

Become a Q Saathi and get empowered!

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