Friday, 20 December 2013

Don’t Be A Job Seeker, Be A Job Creator For Yourself!

Financial independence for women is critical in today’s world when the food prices, inflation, education, healthcare, every aspect of life is so expensive. Running a family with One salary is not enough to run the family with adequacy. Households with dual income, wherein the Husband and Wife work hand in hand to support the family, provide better education and healthcare to their kids.

In the Indian households, it’s the women who have to take care of the household chores like cooking to teaching their kids, due to which women mostly are not able to take up jobs which have fixed working hours or typical 9to6 scenario. However, that’s not the end of financial independence. With the availability of entrepreneurship options, women today need not be job seekers, rather they can create jobs for themselves by engaging into Women entrepreneurship programs like Sahara Q Saathi which give the leverage to define your own Job hours besides giving the incentives and rewards.

By enrolling in Sahara Q Saathi you not only earn, you also work for a cause to uplift the Indian society from the shackles of Food Adulteration. Women are the first hand buyers of the kitchen food items and groceries, and when they become aware of food adulteration, the entire household can rejoice health in good food. So you have the opportunity to be the Superwoman to introduce change in your social circle.

Be a Sahara Q Saathi – Be an entrepreneur!

For more details of Sahara Q Saathi initiative, call customer care at 011-66166666 or Type SPACESPACE” and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to or logon to

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