Thursday, 26 December 2013

How Women Can Become Recession-Proof?

Entrepreneurship is the way to become recession-proof, especially when your venture grows around Fast moving consumer goods or commonly known as FMCG.  FMCG has been one segment of India Inc which has grown at a rapid yet steady rate in the last decade (

Sahara Q Shop’s initiative to empower women via Sahara Q Saathi offers women to become part of the FMCG segment without any initial investment. The steady growth of FMCG segment builds a trust factor that Yes, you can be recession-proof. The Sahara Q Saathi concept empowers women who want to work at their convenience and yet earn to their full potential. The Women who have a good social circle can highly benefit from this concept. Also, apart from the convenience and incentives that follow Sahara Q Saathi, it’s the social engagement and influence that you can cherish while working as a Q Saathi.

In these times, where we read about job cuts almost in every industry, it’s the FMCG segment that has shown growth despite the overall downtrend in the Indian economy. So be a part of India’s fourth largest sector and make your income recession-proof!

For more details, call customer care 011-66166666 or Type "QSAATHI" Space {NAME} Space { EMAIL ID} and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to or logon to

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