Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Feel The True Sense Of Independence The Entrepreneurship Way!

“Entrepreneurship actually implies an independence of spirit. It is this independence that women in India have begun to express over the last two or three decades. That is why the percentage of women among the total number of entrepreneurs in India has been steadily growing,” says Shahnaz Hussain.
Entrepreneurship is offcourse a true sense of independence wherein you are not bound by someone’s instructions, wherein you earn to the best of your potential and wherein you feel empowered as a social influencer.

90% of women in our society develop a comfort zone at their workplace and despite an urge to do something on their own, they don’t come out of that comfort zone. Then there is a league of a few women who want to bring change, who want to brake free in their environment, who want to be an entrepreneur wherein the first few months or years they dedicate themselves to their initiative and reap the benefits of this initial hardwork for many years to come.

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