Friday, 13 December 2013

Women - Key to social change against food adulteration!

If the queen of the kitchen is the lady of the house, she can, undeniably, become the torch bearer to social change against food adulteration. The change starts from a single household and then the local neighborhood, the district, the state, and ultimately the nation. With every kitchen not hailing adulterated food, fighting the menace of food adulteration can bring positive results fast. Thanks to Sahara Q Shop empowering women with entrepreneurship at zero investment under the ‘Q Saathi’ initiative!

Sahara Q Shop not only strives to provide financial security to women bent with entrepreneurial spirit but also bring a positive change to the society by creating awareness about the menace of food adulteration and making available pure unadulterated food at each doorstep. Adulterants cause serious health hazards; through the Q Saathi initiative, Sahara Q Shop endeavors to aggressively fight food adulteration.

Yes, if a woman is supported and empowered, the society benefits. It is not only about engaging in income-generating activities to bear family responsibilities but also about fueling economic growth and creating stable, sustainable societies. She can progressively steer social and economic development, starting from her family and then her social circle and her local neighborhood. A number of empowered women in a single neighborhood would mean fast change for the better.

As Q Saathis, women in their local neighborhoods can fast create awareness about the dangers of consuming adulterated food. They can make pure unadulterated food available to the local neighborhood from reliable and trusted sources. They can spread awareness about how to detect adulterants and purity of the everyday foods consume. They can thus contribute towards shaping a healthier society and a healthier world.

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